• A New Beginning.

    I was briefly tempted to make a blog post with a super clickbait-y title like so many others I've seen before for topics like this. Something along the lines of "I Quit My 9-5 Job for the Career I Truly Wanted" or "I Dropped Everything to Pursue My Dream." But that's hardly the truth for me or most people. I did quit my job of almost 7 years last week - which is insane. But it's less of a "drop everything and go" situation and more of a new chapter in my journey. New things are scary but I couldn't be more excited. 

    Working with Wayfair for the past 7 years (give or take) has been an incredible ride. I'm so lucky to have had this opportunity to take a giant leap of faith and watch it manifest into something larger than I could imagine. I succeeded, failed, tried damn near every new trick I could think of, had incredible mentors that have made me laugh until I cried more times than I can count, and learned so much more than I thought I could about photography and myself. I rolled up my sleeves and devoted my entire early career into taking a tiny little makeshift photo studio in a conference room and helping to develop it into the 50,000 sq ft studio behemoth that it is today. Here's a few highlights and a look at how much I've grown along the way.

    The beginnings of my career and the start of Wayfair's photo studio back in 2012. 


    Our big move to the first real studio space in Framingham. 


    The current Wayfair photo studio. 


    I wouldn't be where I am without the incredible friends and artists I've met along the way. They taught me what it truly means to be a successful creative: to really care about my work, to support each other, and to always deliver the best work you can acheive. They gave me the confidence I never had before as a photographer and the push I needed to take this next step, and I'll forever be grateful for everyone. I look back on my time at Wayfair with nothing but happiness and inspiration to never stop pushing myself forward. 

    I don't think I can go on much longer with such a sentimental post - I'm too much of a wimp. That being said, I want to leave those of you that actually read this whole thing with the exciting news that there is a whole bunch of new things on the horizon. I'm not going to share all the details yet - but stay tuned! Things are about to get really good. 

  • A New Leaf // Boston Weddings Magazine, Fall/Winter 2018

    I'm excited to share my photos featured in the latest issue of Boston Weddings! The entire issue is gorgeous and features the winners of the Best of Boston Weddings. Photographer and winner of 'Best of' Elizabeth LaDuca shot an incredible series of still lifes for the issue that you'll want to look over for sure.  

    This was such a fun shoot, and I had a blast working with Michele sipping on mimosas and getting each boutonniere just right. 


    You can find the my work alongside other amazing images and the winners of Best of Boston Weddings in the newly released Boston Weddings Fall/Winter 2018 magazine!

  • Featured Photographer Series 006 - Luca Piras

    This month's featured photographer is Luca Piras! 

    Luca is a fashion and editorial photographer based in Cesena, Italy and I am blown away by his work. Luca's approach to fashion is timeless and yet modern. His use of lighting and minimal but thoughtful composition makes his work stand out from the crowd. Luca's ability to photograph fabrics and movement is masterful, each photo feels effortless and well composed. He uses color sparingly, but with intention. 

    Luca's work serves as a source of inspiration for my own portrait work - it's helped me to see that portraits do not need to be overly complicated to sell a look and feel. I also love his unique pairing of images in collages. Some of my favorites: 





    Check out Luca's portfolio, and give him a follow on Instagram!

  • Home Tour with Donna Garlough

    A few weeks ago I was invited to photograph a tour of Joss & Main Style Director Donna Garlough's home. Donna is a kickass woman and always busy working on exciting projects. She recently published her first book, 'Your Home, Your Style' (it's fantastic - you should pick up a copy!) and collaborated with Boston based ceramicist Jill Rosenwald on her own custom line. When Donna asked me to photograph the new ceramics and her beautiful home, I couldn't refuse! 

    Donna has spent the last few years feverishly remodeling her vintage townhouse in Charlestown, and it shows. Every inch is designed beautifully with her personality sprinkled in, from her Bunker Hill flag hanging out front, to the amazing powder room with navy marbled wallpaper and gold accents. So scroll through and enjoy the photo tour! 











    Featured in Rue Magazine's Summer 2018 issue - read the full interview here. 

    Shop the Jill Rosenwald collection here!

  • Studio Tour

    This isn't necessarily new, but I've been so excited to share this with you all! I finally found the time to photograph my photo studio in Hudson. I fell in love with the space back in February and since then I've been acquiring equipment, outfitting the space, and shooting as much as possible. There is still work to be done, but I'm so happy to have a dedicated shooting space. So take a tour with me! Here's my space, and some of my favorite parts of the mill. 

    My studio is located in the Hudson Mill Business Center at BueSkies Studios, and is a shared space with a few other amazing artists. 


    Naturally mill buildings come with a healthy amount of character and "old charm" - and my building doesn't disappoint. I'm obsessed with the color palette just outside our doors. 


    Here's my studio space! It's small, but perfect for tabletop, still life, and has great natural light for portraits. 

    I've created a small work station for tethered capture and guests to chill. (Definitely need to decorate this space with some plant friends, but that'll be for another time.) For my shooting space, I have a background stand with a couple seamless options and a handmade shooting table. 


    My shooting table was pieced together using old sawhorses I "borrowed" from my sister and brother-in-law, and a beautiful top my dad handmade for me. It's perfect because I can break the whole thing down when I need more space. I have also put together a handy-dandy equipment cart. This stores all my lights, modifiers, gaff, A-clamps and other miscellaneous objects I'll need while shooting. This system works well as I can easily transport my gear for location shoots. (And if you have more awesome stickers for me to decorate my cart with - hit me up.) In the back corner I have some awesome set pieces for shoots, cleaning supplies, and a great piece of decor from the best of friends. I'm looking to re-do this space and create some better equipment storage solutions - but that'll be the next project!


    It's a work in progress but I love the flexibility of having my own space and shooting whenever new ideas strike. It's allowed me to work on new lighting techniques and collaborate with awesome people for fun projects. 

    Here's some recent work I've shot in my studio. There's more exiting projects on the way, too!



    I'd also like to share my favorite details from the rest of our space. BlueSkies is home to incredibly talented artists. From painters to photographers and more, each artist has an inspiring workspace!




    We also have this great brand new communal space where we can all feature our work! 

    Last but not least, some of my favorite architectural features from the building. I'd love to explore and shoot portraits in some of these spaces. 


    I also have a strange obsession with the restrooms in the building. The one by my studio has the most awesome tall mirror (ladies - you have to see it in person). And there's just great lighting in the others!


    I love how each floor has a different color palette. 


    That's it for my studio tour! I love this space and the freedom it gives me to explore as an artist. I'm excited for all of the projects to come, and to collaborate with more awesome creatives. So come shoot with me!

  • Palettes // Boston Home Magazine, Summer 2018

    A little while back I was asked to photograph the Palettes series for the Boston Home Magazine. It was great working with the Boston Mag team alongside Michele (@michenator), Andrea (@andrea.timpano1), and Janice (@janicedunwoody)! 


    Each still life design is inspired by local MA beaches. The shots came out fantastic! You can find the spreads in the newly released Boston Home Summer 2018 magazine. 

    Stay tuned for more exciting work and collabs!

  • Photographer's Retreat: Plympton, MA

    A couple weeks ago I went on a weekend photo retreat with the Wayfair photo team. We voted on our top Airbnb picks and landed on this lovely antique farmhouse in Plympton, MA; The Black Walnut Tree House. This house was restored beautifully - it was hard not to get a good photo no matter what room we were in. It was such a fun experience to shoot with a group of photographers, bounce ideas off of each other and become closer as a team. 

    We arrived Friday night after a busy work week and began to unwind with dinner and margaritas at this gorgeous sprawling raw wood dining table. 


    Saturday morning we all got up early to unload our photo equipment and get straight to shooting. Everyone scoped out their favorite spots when we arrived and coordinated where to shoot so we wouldn't step on each other toes. The house was huge, but it can still be a challenge getting 8 photographers in the same space! I started off shooting in the kitchen, and man does this house have serious #kitchengoals. Every inch of this space made for a good photo, and the light was fantastic!


    After that I made my way around the house capturing my favorite details. The more time I spent in each room, the more small moments I would find that I couldn't get enough of. 



    I pretty much became obsessed with this tiny cat and spent more time than I care to admit getting details shots of him. (There is so much subtle cat decor in this house and I was ALL about it.)


    After we all got our fill of interior shots we took a break to drive down to Plymouth for some local fried seafood and ice cream. It was the perfect break and such a beautiful sunny 70º day, we had to get outside and do a little sight seeing by the ocean!

    Once we returned to the house, the team broke up again into smaller groups to capture portraits in the gorgeous afternoon light. We capped off the night with some tasty homemade tacos and spiked seltzer cocktails, and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Sunday morning after breakfast the team began packing up the equipment - but after getting a few last shots of course. We also captured an incredible group shot. 


    This trip was an absolute blast, and I highly recommend anyone that's interested in photo retreats to try it out! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

  • Light & Color; The Book & Giveaway

    I've just about hit 500 followers on Instagram! So exciting. To celebrate, I designed and printed a book of my Light & Color series to give away. 

    Light & Color is a graphic display of how both light and color interact in manufactured and natural settings. It includes the use of suspended pieces of cut paper alongside vignettes of urban landscapes. The series is an exploration on how primary colors react to light, and how light represents itself in the absence of color in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. You can see the full series here. 


    This limited edition hardcover coffee table book is an in-depth look at the full Light & Color series. The book is beautifully printed on ProLine uncoated matte paper, and has a black linen cover under the dust jacket. 


    Congratulations to the winner, Dan Phillips! (@dphillipsstudios

  • Spotlight: New City Microcreamery

    A couple weeks back I decided to give myself an assignment to photograph a feature on a local business. Living so close to Hudson is great because this up-and-coming town has so many fantastic small businesses, it was hard to choose one. (I don't have to - maybe this will become a series?) Now that the nice weather is slowly rolling in, I've been frequenting one of my favorite stops in Hudson, New City Microcreamery. It's such a great hangout spot, and the ice cream is some of the best I've ever had! Do yourself a favor and pay a visit if you haven't already. 


    New City's open ice cream kitchen is locally sourced and has made from scratch recipes, which makes for fantastic ice cream with unique flavors you won't find at your traditional ice cream shop. They also serve coffee, breakfast and other sweets!


    My favorite flavor is their Mint Chip, but this time I had to try Lemon Poppyseed and it was delicious! It tasted exactly like the lemon poppyseed muffins my mom used to make at home. 


    There's also an awesome little outdoor patio, and if you look closely you'll see Less Than Greater Than in the background - that's the speakeasy and it's just as awesome at the ice cream shop. I'll have to do a feature there, too!


    If my spotlight didn't convince you to take a trip, you can check out their Instagram:

    New City Microcreamery

    Less Than Greater Than

    I hope to see you in Hudson!

  • Featured Photographer Series 005 - Derrick Lin

    It's time for another Featured Photographer! Okay, I'll admit it - I've been slacking on this series. I've just been so busy lately on shoots that I haven't had as much time for the blog. Too many photos to edit over here. So, I'm cutting back on the series and making it bi-monthly. Ideally I'll be filling that gap with more exciting content; I have a lot of ideas on great ways to share more of my work with you. But anyway, this time around my pick for featured photographer is a little bit different. I would even say that he doesn't necessarily define himself as a photographer. Nevertheless I am so inspired by his whimsical and original work, and I wanted to have a little fun with this one, so here he is! 

    Derrick's work is so stinking creative and I am constantly amazed at each new photo he conjures up. Though he shoots purely with an iPhone, the quality and originality of the work speaks for itself. The small scenes he creates are expertly captured and leave the viewer feeling like the 'subjects' are almost in a real space. I find myself almost playing "I Spy" (if you remember these books growing up you get 10 points) and deconstructing the pieces that make each photo. I also can't forget to mention how happy the color palettes make me. There is a little humor injected into the photos that really adds to the overall experience when viewing Derrick's work. Every time I'm surprised and delighted by how simple and clever his shots are! Here are a few of my favorites: 




    Derrick also has a book out featuring his work - check it out here on Amazon! 

    You should follow him on Instagram, @marsder. I highly recommend scrolling through Derrick's feed. It's so fun and you're lying if you say you didn't get hooked.