Featured Photographer Series

  • Featured Photographer Series 007 - Suzanne Saroff

    I'm back! I've taken a much needed break from social media while starting a new job (more details on that soon!) and I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things with another installment of my Featured Photographer series!

    August's featured photographer is

    Suzanne Saroff



    Suzanne is an artist from NYC specializing in her own particular brand of still life photography. Her focus is mostly on the visual relationship between her subjects and glassware. What draws me to Suzanne's work is that she has managed to find such a niche of her own, but the work she produces within these perameters is varied and has so much depth. It's amazing to see how far she can expand upon a seemingly simple idea, yet each time it's a fresh new take with a familiar feel. You could pick any one of her images out of a crowd - they all work together but are incredible standalone pieces of art. 


    Suzanne's work has inspired much of the new minimal aesthetic you're seeing on Instagram with her color palettes and strong but purposful use of shadow. I can really appreciate the time spent and attention to detail she devotes to each image. I'm frequently inspired by Suzanne to think outside the box when it comes to still life photography and try to create something new - but to also keep things simple. 

    It's amazing what Suzanne can create! Check out more of her work: 



  • Featured Photographer Series 006 - Luca Piras

    This month's featured photographer is Luca Piras! 

    Luca is a fashion and editorial photographer based in Cesena, Italy and I am blown away by his work. Luca's approach to fashion is timeless and yet modern. His use of lighting and minimal but thoughtful composition makes his work stand out from the crowd. Luca's ability to photograph fabrics and movement is masterful, each photo feels effortless and well composed. He uses color sparingly, but with intention. 

    Luca's work serves as a source of inspiration for my own portrait work - it's helped me to see that portraits do not need to be overly complicated to sell a look and feel. I also love his unique pairing of images in collages. Some of my favorites: 





    Check out Luca's portfolio, and give him a follow on Instagram!

  • Featured Photographer Series 005 - Derrick Lin

    It's time for another Featured Photographer! Okay, I'll admit it - I've been slacking on this series. I've just been so busy lately on shoots that I haven't had as much time for the blog. Too many photos to edit over here. So, I'm cutting back on the series and making it bi-monthly. Ideally I'll be filling that gap with more exciting content; I have a lot of ideas on great ways to share more of my work with you. But anyway, this time around my pick for featured photographer is a little bit different. I would even say that he doesn't necessarily define himself as a photographer. Nevertheless I am so inspired by his whimsical and original work, and I wanted to have a little fun with this one, so here he is! 

    Derrick's work is so stinking creative and I am constantly amazed at each new photo he conjures up. Though he shoots purely with an iPhone, the quality and originality of the work speaks for itself. The small scenes he creates are expertly captured and leave the viewer feeling like the 'subjects' are almost in a real space. I find myself almost playing "I Spy" (if you remember these books growing up you get 10 points) and deconstructing the pieces that make each photo. I also can't forget to mention how happy the color palettes make me. There is a little humor injected into the photos that really adds to the overall experience when viewing Derrick's work. Every time I'm surprised and delighted by how simple and clever his shots are! Here are a few of my favorites: 




    Derrick also has a book out featuring his work - check it out here on Amazon! 

    You should follow him on Instagram, @marsder. I highly recommend scrolling through Derrick's feed. It's so fun and you're lying if you say you didn't get hooked. 

  • Featured Photographer Series 004 - Ally Schmaling

    It's that time again - and what better time to feature such an awesome lady than Galentine's Day! February's Featured Photographer is:

    Ally Schmaling


    Ally Schmaling and I met at the most recent Let's Shoot Boston event, held at deWolfe Leather Goods on Newbury St in Boston, and I'm so glad we crossed paths. Ally is a ball of fire and is one of the most enthusiastic and positive photographers I've had the pleasure of being in the vicinity of. Her work is also fire. 


    Ally's use of color is fantastic; each photo feels timeless and powerful. She is especially skilled in photographing women in their best and brightest light. Ally has a thoughtful approach to her subject matter and a spatial awareness in her photography that is just magical. Her intimate wedding and portrait work has a calmer aesthetic, but is equally as mesmerizing. Ally beautifully captures her subject's personality and character in each frame. 



    Ally's work seems to get progressively more outstanding each time she posts an update - she is truly a force to be reckoned with in photography. Her portrait work is such an inspiration for me in my own work to not only be aware and purposeful with the subject, but also the background and the relationship between the two. 

    If you haven't seen Ally's work, do that. Support her work.

    Here's where you can find her:


  • Featured Photographer Series 003 - Craig Whitehead

    It's the first featured photographer of 2018! So exciting. This month, I'm talking about Craig Whitehead. You may know him as @sixstreetunder on Instagram. Craig is a part time illustrator and street photographer that has an incredible eye for detail. I first became aware of Craig watching Ted Forbes' Youtube channel The Art of Photography, and noticed Craig's work featured in the weekly assignment videos. I quickly became enthralled by his work, that which inspires me on a daily basis. 

    Craig is a master at taking the ordinary and turning it into a piece of art. His thoughtful approach to composition of quick and quiet moments is evident in every photo. Craig's photography feels like he's stepped back in time, calling to techniques of early street photographers but with a new and fresh approach. I'm so inspired by his work, it's caused me to pay closer attention to the world around me and appreciate these subtle, magical moments we all take for granted. 

    Craig Whitehead



    Craig's work is truly admirable, but so is his approach to photography. He frequently speaks on his Instagram about how getting better at photography is a simple as the amount of effort you put into it - a lot of his shots he even captures while taking walks on his lunch break. Another thing I love is that he explains his thought process behind his work, and even how you could achieve such a look yourself. Craig also runs workshops in London (and man, I wish I could attend one.) 

    Do yourself a favor and check out more of his work. I challenge you to not get totally absorbed and scroll though his feed endlessly. 

    You can find Craig on his website, and I'd highly recommend following his Instagram. 

  • Featured Photographer Series 002 - De Anastacia; Natasha Wilson

    This month's featured photographer is Natasha Wilson, otherwise known as De Anastacia! Natasha is an incredible lifestyle and fashion photographer. We actually attended the same class at Hallmark Institute of Photography, back in the day when it was still open. I was always very impressed with her work when in the program, and by far she had one of - if not the top portfolios in our class. She's flourished beautifully since graduating and made an amazing career for herself. Natasha's work is truly unique and her personal style is loud and clear in every image she takes. 

    I get so much inspiration in her portrait work and find that it pushes me to try and think outside of the box. Her editing style is so vibrant and seemingly limitless in originality. Natasha manages to create an almost other worldly feel with her fantastic use of color and contrast. I also love that Natasha uses her work to beautifully bring to light and discuss important topics in our society today, with her photo series such as 'RISE' and 'WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE'. Below are some of my favorites from her work. 

    De Anastacia

    Natasha Wilson


    I strongly encourage you to check out more of her work, if you haven't seen it already. You can find her here on instagram, or scroll through her impressive portfolio

    Lots of love here for Natasha, she is on of the most talented artists I know!

  • Featured Photographer Series 001 - Kyle Jeffers

    I've decided to start a new series for my blog, called the Featured Photographer Series! Once a month I will choose a photographer that particularly inspires me to write about and feature some of their work that gets me jazzed about photography. This will be a great way to not only become better at articulating what inspires me as an artist, but also highlight fantastic photographers that are creating influential work. 

    We're going to kick this series off with an awesome minimal/urban landscape photographer:

    Kyle Jeffers


    I stumbled upon his Instagram earlier this year and I have to say, his photography has helped to motivate a large shift in my own personal work. His style is a graphic approach to the finer details of the everyday. They always display an impressive consideration for color - even when there almost isn't any. Kyle has crafted a way to take arguably mundane subjects around him and make them, in a way, sexy with his use of minimalism, leading lines, and color palettes that command attention. 


    Kyle has inspired me to take closer look at my surroundings, and find the hidden beauty in objects typically overlooked. I urge you to check out more of his work on his portfolio, or follow him on instagram. I could scroll through his feed for hours.