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Featured Photographer Series 003 - Craig Whitehead

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

It's the first featured photographer of 2018! So exciting. This month, I'm talking about Craig Whitehead. You may know him as @sixstreetunder on Instagram. Craig is a part time illustrator and street photographer that has an incredible eye for detail. I first became aware of Craig watching Ted Forbes' Youtube channel The Art of Photography and noticed Craig's work featured in the weekly assignment videos. I quickly became enthralled by his style, that which inspires me on a daily basis. 

Craig is a master at taking the ordinary and turning it into a piece of art. His thoughtful approach to composition of quick and quiet moments is evident in every photo. Craig's photography feels like he's stepped back in time, calling to techniques of early street photographers but with a new and fresh approach. His work has inspired me to pay closer attention to the world around me and appreciate these subtle, magical moments we all take for granted. 

Craig Whitehead


Craig's work is truly exceptional, and so is his approach to photography as a whole. He frequently speaks on his Instagram about how getting better at photography is a simple as the amount of effort you put into it. A lot of his shots he even captures while taking walks on his lunch break, which is something I aspire to do more often. Another thing I love is that he explains his thought process behind his work, and even how you could achieve such a look yourself. Craig runs workshops in London (and man, I wish I could attend one.) 

Do yourself a favor and check out more of his work. I challenge you to not get totally absorbed and scroll though his feed endlessly. 

You can find Craig on his website, and I'd highly recommend following his Instagram.


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