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Allston Apartment Tour

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

It's been about 5 months since I moved to my studio in Allston and I finally got around to photographing the new space. I had some reservations about waiting to shoot it as it's still a work in progress - there's a handful of spaces that aren't fully decorated as I'm holding out to acquire the right pieces of decor/art, but I wanted to shoot it sooner rather than later. It'll be interesting to potentially revisit this down the road after spending a few years in the space.

I'm so happy to be living in Allston closer to work and my social circles. It's given me so much time back that I can now devote to my projects and general well-being. Now that I'm settled in it feels good to return to a sense of normalcy that merges the things I love about having my own space and my new lifestyle living in the city.

Anywho - here's a look at my place!

Although it's a fairly small studio, I love that it has this cute little entryway space. I had a lot of feelings about moving into a studio as it can be challenging to find spaces in Boston that aren't just a glorified room with a fridge and a bathroom attached - I really didn't want it to feel like guests were just walking into my bedroom. Having this entry is key and a great landing spot to keep my daily clutter out of the living space. I'll drop my keys, jacket, and backpack here. It's also a great spot to keep my bike without taking up too much space!

Right off of the entryway is the kitchen and bathroom. I love all the open storage in the kitchen. While I don't spend as much time in there cooking for myself as I'd like, it's a great space. The bathroom is pretty tiny - I really only had enough room to sneak the camera in the doorway and get this one shot but I absolutely love the shower here. I brought over a few large plants in the move and I was worried I wouldn't have enough space for them all. The window ledge in the shower was the perfect spot for my monstera and I love having some plant life there.

Next is my living space - you can't quite tell from these photos but it also serves as my workspace, and there's a small nook attached where my bed is. I love having an area slightly separated from where I sleep - it's helpful for me to have designated spaces for work and relaxation in order for me to be productive. I have my film cameras scattered throughout the space along with a mix of my favorite vintage art, decor, and furniture pieces. It's not necessarily an antique per-se, but my favorite piece is the coffee table my dad and I built together. I welded the base and my dad helped me with the carpentry and assembly. Check out the post here to see how we made it!

My workspace gets the most use - I do all my photo editing and store my growing record collection here. I do my best work in well lit spaces with lots of natural light so the bay windows are perfect here. Fi loves to chill in the chair beside me and watch me work (or spend time elsewhere while I'm insufferably blasting my DEVO records.)

Last but not least is my bedroom nook. It sits right off of the living space and is such a cozy spot. It's a little hard to tell from the photos, but I have string lights strung throughout and a large curtain to separate the two spaces if need be. The curtain also doubles as a screen for my projector, which was a nice solution when I decided to ditch owning a TV in the move. One tough thing about living in a studio is minimal closet space. I had to get creative with storing my clothing in a way that wasn't an eyesore. Most of my pieces are tucked away in the small closet in the living space or in my dresser, but I decided to keep my most beloved vintage pieces out on display in the space.

Moving was a huge decision for me last summer. Despite a lot of my friends and family suggesting I go the roommate route, I was adamant that I needed my own space and I'm so glad I stuck to that. It's important to me to have a home base to recharge and a private workspace. I also like to collect things and admit I'm a bit of a control freak over decorating. I don't really know how I would define my style - it can be a little all over the place, but what I love about my studio is that it's a mix of all the things I enjoy. Like I mentioned earlier, the space is very much still a work in progress but I really love it and feel at home here.


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