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Marlborough Apartment Tour

At the end of this summer I moved from my spacious two bedroom apartment in Metro-West to a quaint studio in Allston. It was bittersweet to leave the space I created over five years, so I wanted to document all the details that truly made it home.

We'll start off with my living room. It wouldn't be complete without its midcentury touches, scattered film cameras, and my prized record collection.

A sometimes overlooked but favorite spot was my craft nook. Tucked right in the entryway, it was the perfect spot for me to store all my yarn and notions for my Etsy shop. Unfortunately life changes and so do priorities; I've since abandoned my shop and crocheting for the time being as I don't have room for it in my new place. Sadly missed but fondly remembered!

Another inspiring space was my office. It's the space I worked on editing for all my freelance and personal projects, and thus appropriately sprinkled with art, books, and knick-knacks that kept me motivated.

My kitchen was the only place of contempt in my apartment - mostly as it was just too small to be a fully functioning kitchen. I loved the brick chimney and cheerful yellow paint! Did my best to make this space work for me but happier to be operating in a more well-thought-out cooking situation.

Last but certainly not least was my bedroom - I really loved this space. It got such beautiful natural light and was very calming. I was so thrilled to find this incredible midcentury bed frame at the beginning of this year and it really completed the space!

As much as I loved my old apartment, my new place is perfect for me (and my cat Fi!). It was also super fun to take all my decor and rearrange it in a new space. Stay tuned for another tour of the new digs!


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