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Cheers, 2018 🥂

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Man, was 2018 a trip. Though many are overjoyed to see it go, I'll definitely have some fond memories to look back to. 2018 was a year filled with tremendous change for me as a photographer. I put myself out there, tried new things, did a bunch of freelance, and even started a new job! (More on this soon, I promise.) I'd like to take these last couple days of 2018 to reflect on my favorite photography milestones of the year.

5. Portrait

It was late 2017 when I started to dive back into my portrait work, but early 2018 was when I felt I really hit my stride and found my style. I was frequenting photo meetups, becoming more entwined in the Boston portrait community, and shooting a ton of new work. I began not only incorporating my style and vision from my urban still life work into my portraits, but using them as a complimentary piece contributing to an overall portrait "series" or mood. It was around the time that I took this portrait of @lil.alt.babi that I finally felt I had left my previous portrait bias behind. 🙌🏻

4. Still Life

Early - mid 2018 was also a time where I really honed in on the work I had always loved shooting from the start: still life. I teamed up with so many of my amazingly talented stylist friends and we came up with concepts to shoot as often as possible. This floral still life was such an impromptu shoot my friend Jackie (@jorkiejork) jumped in to style for me and it's incredible how it all came together. She had used the florals for another shot earlier in the day at work and I couldn't help myself from wanting to shoot a second look so the flowers wouldn't go to waste. I came up with the color palette and after searching the studio prop cage for most of the afternoon we finally found the right surface; a velvet pillowcase. Our vision came together and this ended up being my absolute favorite still life from 2018.

3. Interiors

2018 marks the year I truly took my interior photography skills to the next level by shooting my first round of editorial interior work. Joss & Main Style Director and former colleague Donna Garlough reached out to me to shoot a home tour of her lovely Charleston townhouse and since then the work has been featured in Rue Magazine, Boston Magazine, and launched a slew of other really exciting opportunities for me shooting editorial work. Definitely one of my all-time favorite moments of 2018. Thanks again, Donna!

2. Editorial

Summer of this year was also the first time my work was published! The shoot was for Boston Home's 'Palettes' series covering three coastal looks inspired by New England beaches. I had a great time shooting this and since then I've had more opportunities shooting for Boston Weddings, Globe Magazine, and more! This was a huge milestone for me in my freelance career and I'm excited to see where this continues to take me.

1. My Studio!

My studio space has to take the #1 spot on my list. This was a massive thing for me in terms of bringing my photography to the next level, taking my freelance and personal work seriously, and making major career changes. It's a small space (that I don't get to visit as much as I'd like) but I'm so proud that I finally did something that I had wanted for so long.

To put it briefly, 2018 has been an absolute whirlwind. I'm proud of my accomplishments and excited for what 2019 has to offer. Cheers, friends!


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