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Conquering Uncharted Territory: Location Shooting

2017 has been a year of firsts in so many ways for me. One of them being shooting interiors on location. I've been shooting interior photography in the studio for 6 years now, and while I still love and can feel the magic in it, I've been itching for some new projects and types of work to broaden my horizon. The opportunity to shoot on location for Birch Lane sort of fell into my lap (in a way - I had to put myself out there and make it known how much I wanted it), and even though I had very little to no experience assisting on location let alone shooting I decided to take on the challenge with excitement and determination to figure it out. I had an absolute blast. We got some fantastic images, too!

I've been the lead photographer on multiple location shoots since, and have learned so many new things. Location work can bring out the best and worst case scenarios - it's all about working with whatever is thrown your way and turning it into something beautiful. Be it shooting in a space so small your tripod is being supported by the bed in order to get a rug shot, building shelter from the drizzling rain and leaf-blowing your set dry to get the shot, or any other unexpected challenge I am so glad I had the opportunity to help solve. And there's really nothing quite like the relationships you develop with your crew.   

 It's been a fantastic experience so far, and one I know will continue to get better with time and growth. For me, learning is what it's all about. You can find more images of my recent location shoot photography dispersed in my portfolio.

I'm really looking forward for the next shoot in December - stay tuned!


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