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San Francisco, CA

Earlier this year I took my annual trip to the west coast for Life is Good's spring/summer photoshoot. This being my fourth time on this shoot and I believe about my 5th or 6th time out to Los Angeles, I wanted to shake things up a bit by traveling to a different part of the golden state. I chose to spend a couple days leading up to the shoot in San Francisco and loved my time there!

I stayed at an Airbnb in Oakland - the cutest little tiny home with impeccable design. I loved how much utility was infused into the space without it feeling cramped. The bathroom with a full tub & shower against a wall of florals felt serene and I took probably more baths than are recommended during my time there.

The living space had everything it needed for a comfortable place to hang in the mornings and evenings while I planned my days in the city.

I loved climbing up the built in stairs to the cozy loft!

The attention to detail and use of art in the space was something I really admired as well! It's given me inspiration on ways to utilize small spaces.

I spent my time outside of the Airbnb exploring Oakland and sight-seeing in SF, taking the necessary stops to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and taking a drive further north to see the redwoods.

The redwoods were absolutely incredible! It had been a while since I have truly felt the feeling of awe, and I kept having to have a bit of a reality check to be able to believe it myself. So beautiful.

From there I got in my rental car and hit the road, but not before stopping at a few skate parks in Oakland. The drive south through the PCH to LA was unreal. Seeing the mix of snowcapped mountains, lush greenery, and ocean all in one go was a sight to see.

I loved my time in SF/northern California. I've always been nervous about west coast travel as it's so big out there if feels impossible to get everything in, but this trip has given me a lot of inspiration to get out there and start exploring!


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