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Family Portraits & Interiors with Art Director Ann Davidson

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

A few weeks ago, Art Director and friend Ann Davidson invited me to her beautiful home in Carlisle to shoot family portraits in exchange for a couple interior shots. An odd exchange, but I was particularly interested in incorporating more real interiors into my portfolio. Ann and Scott are currently in the process of renovating their recently purchased home, and just painted the outside a beautiful blue/grey color. So, we decided to show it off in their family portraits! 

After walking down to the park right across the street for a few more shots, we went inside and photographed her living room and sunroom. Ann has so many beautiful vintage pieces she's collected over the years from family members and local shops. I can't get over her beautiful console table and carefully chosen wall art. The living room also features a gorgeous marble fireplace with built-in shelving holding more amazing vintage finds. 

After photographing the living room, we moved on to her cozy sunroom. I'm in awe of how beautiful this space is, and how nice it must be to snuggle up next to the fireplace. Ann plans on white-washing this space, and I can't wait to come back to photograph it when it's finished, it'll be so beautiful!

This was such a fun day. Thanks again to Ann and her lovely family for welcoming me into their home!


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