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Here's to you, 2017.

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

2017 has been quite the year. I've made many strides in my photography and am excited to continue to learn and create new things. I've learned new skills, gone out of my comfort zone, and produced amazing work with so many talented creators. I'd like to take these last few days of the year to highlight my top 5 photos of 2017. The selected photos mark pivotal moments in my growth as a photographer and creator, and are held dearly.

1. Commercial Still Life

Fragrance on Florals Series

Early on this year, I decided to start taking my personal work seriously again. I had come up with a few concepts with stylist Sara Gelbert, and we spent the majority of our free weeknights shooting for our books. The Fragrance on Florals series was our first shoot, and the catalyst that ignited my drive to advance my skills and pursue my photographic visions. This shot is still one of my favorites to date!

2. Urban Landscape 

Light & Color Series

Over the summer, I made it a priority to get out there with my camera and shoot as much as possible. I was drawn to urban landscapes and minimalist architecture and wanted to refine my eye and skills for scouting locations. Eventually I gathered enough work I was satisfied with to start incorporating it into my overall aesthetic. Simultaneously, I was shooting a conceptual still life series called 'Light & Color.' When I started seeing a correlation in both bodies of work, I decided bring the urban landscapes in as part of the series. It became one large study on light and color, and I'm thrilled with how this series developed. (See more on this below, in my 3rd choice!) 

3. Conceptual Still Life

Light & Color Series

The Light & Color series grew to be a much larger project that I had ever imagined. It began with the concept of photographing an object that only was visible due to the light it interacted with, paired with a study on how light reacted to different shapes and forms. When shooting the pieces of paper and paying closer attention to the subtleties of light, I began to notice similar patterns in the world around me. This is when I incorporated my urban landscape work into the series. The project became much larger in scale than I had planned, and soon consumed my entire summer. Completing this series gave me the confidence to develop concepts and see them through. Light & Color has been received very well, and I have exhibited the series at two shows in the last couple months. This project was a huge eye-opener in determining my personal style as a photographer, learning how to speak and think critically about my work, and ultimately narrowed down my particular interests for photography as a whole. 

4. Portrait of Matilda

An area of unexpected growth for me in 2017 was portrait photography. Previously, I just wasn't that into it. To be honest, I had never really put in the time or effort to improve it - I had let it intimidate me for too long. After I started my Instagram account for my professional work, this portrait community began showing up on my radar. In an effort to get out on my comfort zone, I started to attend Portrait Meets. The support I've received from everyone has been incredible. This particular portrait was taken on a whim in the W Hotel Boston - I would have never had the guts to approach a complete stranger for portraits before attending the meetups. I chose this image for that reason, as it was a turning point in my confidence as a person and a photographer. I owe a thank you to everyone that has modeled, given advice, and/or supported me. I'm happy to have jumped this hurdle that was holding me back for so long. 

5. Interiors on Location

Birch Lane

Last but certainly not least, here is one of my favorite interior photographs of 2017. This year I took a leap of faith into an area of photography that to me was largely unknown: interiors on location. I always had an interest, but finally gained the confidence and opportunity to take on running my own set and team on location. I learned just how difficult and more elevated the work is, and fell in love with the process. Since then I've been on 3 location shoots this year and produced some of my best work so far. There's just something so magical about shooting in a real home vs a studio. Location work pushed me to become a more well-rounded photographer. 

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for all the support you've given this year. I am truly appreciative to be surrounded by such loving and talented friends, family, and acquaintances. I am so proud of the work I have achieved this year, and can only hope 2018 proves to be just as successful.

Again, thank you all for accompanying me on this journey!


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