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Light & Color; The Book & Giveaway

I've just about hit 500 followers on Instagram! So exciting. To celebrate, I designed and printed a book of my Light & Color series to give away to a lucky follower.

Light & Color is a graphic display of how both light and color interact in manufactured and natural settings. It includes the use of suspended pieces of cut paper alongside vignettes of urban landscapes. The series is an exploration on how primary colors react to light, and how light represents itself in the absence of color in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. You can see the full series here.

This limited edition hardcover coffee table book is an in-depth look at the full Light & Color series. The book is beautifully printed on ProLine uncoated matte paper, and has a black linen cover under the dust jacket. 

Congratulations to the winner, Dan Phillips! (@dphillipsstudios


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