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London, England

Back in November I travelled to London for what was supposed to be a long weekend trip to see my uncle get married. My four day trip ended up unexpectedly extending itself to 14 days after testing positive for COVID on the second day after arrival. While catching COVID in London made for a much more interesting story than being at home, it was a tough two weeks. I made the best of it by shooting as much as I could when I took walks to explore the small town of Hockwold where I was residing with my uncle to ride out the isolation mandate.

Here are some favorites.

There wasn't a ton of variety, and it only took me about three hour-long walks to cover the whole village, but I really enjoyed exploring and trying to make as much as I could with the landscape. I haven't really been shooting as much for myself and it felt good to practice shooting again in this way. I was also pleasantly surprised at how, despite how cold and rainy and cloudy it is most days there, that there was still so much color and vibrancy to find. I just had to pay closer attention.


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