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Personal Style Series: Jackie Grandon

It's time for another look at my Personal Style Series! This week, I'm featuring Jackie Grandon and her cheery, eclectic apartment in Providence, RI. I was so happy to photograph this space; Jackie and her roommate/our close friend Sarah Dickenson have clearly poured their hearts into the decor of their home. Each corner and shelf has a quirky moment that perfectly captures each of their personalities. Even Sarah's cat Jillian (commonly referred to as Jilly Bean) got in on the fun of this shoot! I'm obsessed with this series, and I hope you enjoy them just as much. 

The Personal Style Series is an in-depth look and profile of Wayfair's Stylists and their favorite room, nook, piece of furniture or decor in their home. The interior photographs paired with environmental portraits are a projection of each Stylist's personality injected into their space and brought to life. 

Tell me a little about yourself. 

I am a prop stylist and have been working for Joss & Main for just over two years. In my spare time, I listen to electro funk and weave tapestry wall hangings. I love the ocean, sushi, the color teal and anything antique brass. I am a Massachusetts, North Shore native currently living in Providence, Rhode Island. I went to Skidmore College for my degree in Studio Art, where I studied drawing, printmaking and textiles; because you know, who needs sleep? Art has been a major part of my life since I was young. My parents still have artwork hanging around their houses that I made in grade school. My father is very artistic, talented in drawing and sculpture. I remember one of the first drawings I was truly proud of was one that he helped me with when I was 10 years old - a parrot perched on a chair done in oil pastels. Who knew all those doodles and crafts would take me all the way through college to my career? There was one weekend I was home from college visiting family and all of us kids made s’mores in the backyard; Rachel, Tom, Erica and Emily were stuffing their cute little faces with as many s’mores as possible, covered head to toe in sticky marshmallow. I started to take pictures of my siblings licking their fingers, smearing chocolate on their faces, all with grins from ear to ear. This random night alone with my brother and sisters ended up being a semester long study of portrait drawing based on these sticky photos as well as other snapshots from my childhood.  As my college work progressed it took me to Florence, Italy my junior year to further study textile design and portraiture. This magical city is where my interest in interior design and home furnishings really came to fruition. 

How did styling become your passion? 

 I guess you could say styling is a new passion of mine? When I graduated college, I was sort of unclear where I wanted to go next. I studied what I was passionate about at the time, but I wasn’t sure where it could take me. I did the classic “move back home and wait tables” for a year, but while doing that, I helped my mom flip a house in Newburyport, MA. It was an old “tear-me-downer” in the historic district which means two things; quirky and tiny. When the construction and renovation was done, after countless weekends going to pick out tile, countertops, light fixtures and paint colors, we realized something; HOLY SHIT THIS PLACE IS SO SMALL. That’s when my mom hired me to stage the house. We had one weekend and no money, but I made it happen. And that’s really where it began! From there I worked for a real estate agency in the Greater Boston Area staging all of their property listings. That’s when I realized working in interior decorating was exactly what I wanted to do. I met my best friend, Natasha, at that staging job and I can say with confidence she is a huge reason why I am doing what I do today. She helped me build confidence in my styling and my personal aesthetic, and taught me things about interior design that I still use every day. If you ever want to know anything about antiques, she’s your gal. After a year of home staging I was ready for a new adventure, and that’s when I found Joss & Main! I always wanted a job that was creative and ever-changing, the “anti-desk job” if you will. I absolutely love being a stylist. Each day is different and challenging. Creating images with other super talented creatives, for the whole world to see is so exciting! I have finally found a job that puts my constant need for symmetry and nagging urges to rearrange things on a shelf to good use. Some may call it obsessive compulsive, but I call it attention to detail - haha. 

What makes this space in your home your favorite? 

 When you approached me about doing this stylist series, I immediately knew exactly where I wanted to shoot in my apartment. My dining table is my absolute favorite personal belonging. My sister, Rachel, and I grew up eating our meals at this table every day. I guess you could consider this my first family heirloom? This table doesn’t have a SINGLE piece of metal in it - no 2 inch screws, metal hinges, or plastic anything. This thing is as solid as it gets and I absolutely adore it. It’s perfectly imperfect with its slightly wobbly right leg, a subtle green paint smudge from one of my many messy childhood crafts, and a mysterious water ring that has been there forever. Now instead of finger painting and after school snacks around this table, it’s dinner and wine with my roomies and friends, listening to records and having deep conversations like “what is the superior shape?” (The answer is triangle). Yes, that was a real conversation. 

 When I told my mom I was doing this interview, I realized I wasn’t sure where this table actually came from! For as long as I could remember this table was in the kitchen of our old 1692 colonial farmhouse. Turns out my mom bought it at an antique shop up north when she was my age, and it had supposedly come from an old tavern - so I think it’s safe to assume that mysterious water mark is probably from a sweaty pint glass inside some long-gone NH bar. How awesome is that?! My space is eclectic but more importantly it’s personal. This room has a little bit of everything; my pair of antique spindle chairs from Brimfield Flea Market, prints and drawings that I made when I was in school, alongside my handmade ceramics and some of my roommate, Sarah’s, great little decor treasures.  Most of these pieces have a story and a history, some known and some a mystery, but they all somehow work together in this one little space. 

Where do you find inspiration for your personal style? 

 My personal style is all over the place, so my sources of inspiration are reflective of that. I am no stranger to Pinterest. I probably pin close to 25 pins a day in my secret “Dream Home” board alone! Sick, I know... but I find that it can really help with that creative block! If I have to style 5 consecutive living rooms, chances are by the 4th one I’m going to need a new idea for a coffee table style moment. I remember in college during Friday morning group critique sessions, my professor would ask us to have inspiration images in hand while presenting our assignments, and I would always get so annoyed by this! I’m trying to be an individual with my own voice, why would I bring someone else’s work to the table? But now I get it. Domino magazine is one of my favorite places for inspiration, especially for my own personal spaces. If you have never explored their “Galleries” page on their website you’re missing out; their galleries are broken down by room or image content. A lot of the styling they feature is very eclectic; modern pieces mixed with antiques and personal touches, which pretty much sums up my own aesthetic. I’ve got rustic, mid-century modern and bohemian all wrapped up into one cute little room. Growing up in an old farmhouse really formed my love for old, quirky spaces at an early age, without me even realizing it. My mom has the eye for a cozy home and a love for antiques. I have so many memories of going into antique shops along the Massachusetts coastline hunting for a treasure, for that perfect little nook back home. A couple of my favorite pieces of furniture are pieces that have either been handed down to me from my mom or grandparents, or are pieces that I have found during those infamous treasure hunts! 

How does your personal style translate into your work as a stylist? 

 My personal style is definitely focused around collections; whether it’s teacups, candle holders, or cute little plants, these are little whimsical touches that I love to try and incorporate into my commercial work. These little collections are a key component to styling for these lifestyle brands; layering those personal items in with the merchandise being featured. I have also really gotten into experimenting with floral design. I try and take workshops and watch online tutorials whenever I can. I am definitely no expert, but I have so much fun playing with different colors and textures and incorporating my ideas into centerpieces and tabletops at the Wayfair photo studio. 

What are some of your favorite local places to source props/find decor for your home? 

 I recently found Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA. It’s a goldmine. There is a fantastic, ever-changing inventory of antiques at super reasonable prices, as well as a great selection of handmade goods by local artisans. Brimfield Flea Market is another obvious destination for one of a kind finds. I found a pair of antique spindle dining chairs (the yellow one beautifully featured here in my dining room) with my favorite junk hunting partner, Natasha. Her and I were finishing a cold rainy day at Brimfield, on our way back to the car when we came across these two little chairs sitting out in the rain. The seller was desperate to get rid of them, so I scored these babies for $25 total. Deal of the century. Oldies Marketplace in Newburyport is another regular spot I visit whenever I’m in town. I am also a shameless trash picker, a habit I have picked up from my mother. I used to always make fun of her for picking up old free furniture off the side of the road, but now I’ve joined the club. My mom and I were recently on our way to a floral workshop this winter when we walked by a free box of fajita plates out on the sidewalk. I took them and I am not ashamed.  Friends get ready, fajita night is coming soon. 

Where you can find Jackie: 

Instagram: @jorkiejork


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