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Photographer's Retreat: Plympton, MA

A couple weeks ago I went on a weekend photo retreat with the Wayfair photo team. We voted on our top Airbnb picks and landed on this lovely antique farmhouse in Plympton, MA; The Black Walnut Tree House. This house was restored beautifully - it was hard not to get a good photo no matter what room we were in. It was such a fun experience to shoot with a group of photographers, bounce ideas off of each other and become closer as a team. 

We arrived Friday night after a busy work week and began to unwind with dinner and margaritas at this gorgeous sprawling raw wood dining table. 

Saturday morning we all woke up early to unload our photo equipment and get straight to shooting. Everyone scoped out their favorite spots when we arrived and coordinated where to shoot so we wouldn't step on each other toes. The house was huge, but it can still be a challenge getting 8 photographers in the same space! I started off shooting in the kitchen, and man does this house have serious #kitchengoals. Every inch of this space made for a good photo, and the light was fantastic!

After that I made my way around the house capturing my favorite details. The more time I spent in each room, the more small moments I would find that I couldn't get enough of. 

I pretty much became obsessed with this tiny cat and spent more time than I care to admit getting details shots of him. (There is so much subtle cat decor in this house and I was ALL about it.)

After we all got our fill of interior shots we took a break to drive down to Plymouth for some local fried seafood and ice cream. It was the perfect break and such a beautiful sunny 70º day, we had to get outside and do a little sight seeing by the ocean!

Once we returned to the house, the team split up again into smaller groups to capture portraits in the gorgeous afternoon light. We capped off the night with some tasty homemade tacos and spiked seltzer cocktails, and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Sunday morning after breakfast the team began packing up the equipment - but after getting a few more photos, of course. We also captured an incredible group shot.

This trip was an absolute blast, and I highly recommend anyone that's interested in photo retreats to try it out! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 


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