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Studio Tour

This isn't necessarily new, but I've been so excited to share this with you all! I finally found the time to photograph my new studio in Hudson. I fell in love with the space back in February and since then I've been acquiring equipment, outfitting the space, and shooting as much as possible. There is still work to be done, but I'm happy to have a dedicated shooting space. So take a tour with me to see my space and some of my favorite parts of the mill!

My studio is located in the Hudson Mill Business Center at BlueSkies Studios and is a shared space with a few other amazing artists. 

Naturally mill buildings come with a healthy amount of character and "old charm" - and my building doesn't disappoint. I can't even with the color palette just outside our doors. 

Here's my studio space! It's small but perfect for tabletop, still life, and has great natural light for portraits. 

I've created a small workstation for tethered capture and guests to chill. (Definitely need to decorate this space with some plant friends, but that'll be for another time.) For my shooting space, I have a background stand with a couple seamless options and a handmade shooting table. 

My shooting table was pieced together using old sawhorses I "borrowed" from my sister and brother-in-law and a beautiful top my dad handmade for me. It's perfect because I can break the whole thing down when I need more space. I have also put together a handy-dandy equipment cart. This stores all my lights, modifiers, gaff, A-clamps and other miscellaneous objects I need while shooting. This system works well as I can easily transport my gear for location shoots. (And if you have more awesome stickers for me to decorate my cart with - hit me up.) In the back corner I have some awesome set pieces for shoots, cleaning supplies, and a great piece of decor from the best of friends. I'm looking to re-do this space and create some better equipment storage solutions - but that'll be the next project!

It's a work in progress but I love the flexibility of having my own space and shooting whenever new ideas strike. It's allowed me to test new lighting techniques and collaborate with awesome people for fun projects. 

Here's some recent work I've shot in my studio. There's more exiting projects on the way, too!

I'd also like to share my favorite details from the rest of our space. BlueSkies is home to incredibly talented artists. From painters to photographers and more, each artist has an inspiring workspace.

We also have this great new communal space where we can all feature our work! 

Last but not least, some of my favorite architectural features from the building. I'd love to explore and shoot portraits in some of these spaces. 

I also have a strange obsession with the restrooms in the building. The one by my studio has the most awesome tall mirror (ladies - you have to see it in person). And there's just great lighting in the others!

I love how each floor has a different color palette. 

That's it for my studio tour! I love this space and the freedom it gives me to explore as an artist. I'm excited for all of the projects to come and to collaborate with more awesome creatives. Come shoot with me!


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