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Home Tour: Hillcrest Cottage of North Branch, NY

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Back in December I decided to surprise Ben with a birthday "getaway" trip, and when I say getaway I mean it in the sense of getting away from society. I planned the weekend with the hopes to go nowhere - I had been working in the city now for a few months and Ben's workload was fairly substantial, so I wanted to go somewhere quiet and secluded for us to relax. In my Airbnb search I came across Hillcrest Cottage. This little house immediately caught my attention, and the location out in the Catskills was perfect for getting lost. So we packed our overnight bags, I packed my camera equipment, and off we were to the middle of nowhere.

Hillcrest is an adorable little cottage. Owners Marcel and Eric did an amazing job updating the home while still keeping its old charm intact. The cottage was the perfect size for the two of us to have a relaxing weekend, but not too secluded in that there were still some places to go to enjoy some coffee or a nice meal.

I really love the mix of antiques and updated elements in this home. I'm obsessed with the vintage console and the paint color of the cabinets gives the space a fresh pop of color to break up the wood tones.

The living room also has its fair share of antique pieces and updated finishes. Among my favorites are the midcentury floor-to-ceiling lamp, the coffee table, the record player (I have the same one and love it!), and of course that awesome leather chair.

The entryway doubles as a cute workspace - and I love that Eric and Marcel leave a camera for guests to document their experience. There were so many thoughtful touches scattered around the home which really made this Airbnb stand out.

The bathroom was a nice bright space with everything you'd need if you forgot to pack it, which I can really appreciate as someone who almost always forgets to bring toothpaste. This was my first time showering among plant life, but I loved it as a touch of life in the space. I can't get over the beautiful old glass door as well!

Last but not least are the upstairs bedrooms. Another great example of a blend of old and new, these were very relaxing and minimal spaces with charm. It was nice to see that a lot of the decor chosen for this house is from the Catskill area. The cottage gets beautiful natural light and being surrounded by farmland was serene.

When not warming up in the hot tub on this cold December weekend, we spent our time exploring downtown Callicoon and the vintage shops in the surrounding area. My favorite spots were the old Callicoon theater, Cafe Adella Dori for delicious coffee and breakfast, The Kaatskeller for flatbreads and great cocktails, and Town & Country Antiques because just look at the place. (I also had some great finds here!)

This was the perfect quiet weekend away, and I'd love to go back and visit the Catskills in the Summer when it's a bit warmer! If you're looking for a beautiful cottage tucked away in a rural town - Hillcrest Cottage is one of your best bets - we really enjoyed our stay.


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