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Montréal, Canada

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Ben and I decided to take our first trip out of the country together to Canada. Naturally, we chose to travel to Montréal in just about the coldest time of the season in mid February - I think the warmest day of our trip was a whopping 12º F. Though it was much colder than I care for, we had an amazing time and managed to stay cozy as we traversed the old city.

We spent the weekend in one of my favorite boutique hotels Le Petit Hôtel. The uniqueness of this hotel definitely made the trip memorable. Our little room was the perfect sanctuary to warm up from the cold.

I loved walking through Old Montréal and admiring the architecture and beautifully designed spaces. My favorite spot to grab some delicious coffee was Tommy Café.

We spent an afternoon with a quick hike up to Mount Royal Chalet, where you get the best views of the city.

After the hike we warmed ourselves up and filled our stomachs with some world famous smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz's Deli and a taste of some authentic poutine and I wholeheartedly believe the hype. We then walked down to Parc La Fontaine for a little ice skating to work off all that comfort food.

The last stop on our trip was spa Bota Bota, and it was an absolute treat. Built from an old anchored ferry in Old Port, this is the most unique spa experience I've ever had. We started off with a trip to the sauna, followed by an ice cold shower. This was the worst part, but somehow it was worth it. From there we went out onto the deck of the ship to hop into the steaming hot tub (amidst below freezing temperatures, might I add) with a fantastic view of Old Port. After that we headed back inside to warm up and relax. It was a great experience and such a nice way to end our trip.

We really loved Montréal and would gladly visit again - although most likely in warmer temperatures!


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