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Pittsburgh, PA

If you were to ask me where I'd choose to travel if I could pick anywhere, I doubt Pittsburgh would have been anywhere on the list. But Ben has been getting pretty good at professional Magic the Gathering and qualifying for tournaments that require a little travel, so Pittsburgh it was! I'm glad we took this impromptu trip, because I ended up falling in love with the city.

Pittsburgh has a lot of character and unique local businesses. I had a great time exploring the city while Ben played in his tournament and although he didn't win, it was a successful trip for the both of us!

Some of my highlights on the trip were taking the Duquesne Incline up to the highest point in the city for a fantastic view of downtown, checking out the incredible art at the Mattress Factory, climbing Canton Avenue; the steepest recorded street in America, and exploring Phipps Conservatory (this is the most impressive botanical garden I've EVER seen, by the way. I was blown away and could have spent all day there!)

Lastly, if I had to pick my favorite food experience in the city, it'd be a toss-up between Gaucho and Primanti Bros. An Argentine delicacy and a Pittsburgh sandwich staple - two very different choices but boy am I craving both of these right now.

I'd love to go back to Pittsburgh! If my heart wasn't in MA I'd consider living out there for some time.


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