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Featured Photographer Series 002 - Natasha Wilson

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

This month's featured photographer is Natasha Wilson, otherwise known as De Anastacia! Natasha is an incredible lifestyle and fashion photographer. We attended the same class at Hallmark Institute of Photography back in the day when it was still open (RIP 😢). I was always very impressed with her work in the program, and by far she had one of - if not the top portfolios in our class. She's flourished beautifully since graduating and made an amazing career for herself. Natasha's work is truly unique and her personal style is loud and clear in every image she takes. 

I get so much inspiration in her portrait work and find that it pushes me to think outside of the box. Her editing style is so vibrant and seemingly limitless in originality. Natasha manages to create an almost other worldly feel with her fantastic use of color and contrast. I also love that Natasha uses her work to beautifully bring to light and discuss important topics in our society today with her photo series' such as 'RISE' and 'WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE'. Below are some of my favorites from her work. 

Natasha Wilson

@De Anastacia

I strongly encourage you to check out more of her work if you haven't seen it already. You can find her here on instagram, or scroll through her impressive portfolio

Lots of love here for Natasha, she is on of the most talented artists I know!


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