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Featured Photographer Series 006 - Luca Piras

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

This month's featured photographer is Luca Piras! 

Luca Piras


Luca is a fashion and editorial photographer based in Cesena, Italy and I am blown away by his work. Luca's approach to fashion is timeless and yet modern. His use of lighting and minimal but thoughtful composition makes his work stand out from the crowd. Luca's ability to photograph fabrics and movement is masterful, each photo feels effortless and well composed. He uses color sparingly, but with intention. 

Luca's work serves as a source of inspiration for my own portrait work - it's helped me to see that portraits do not need to be overly complicated to sell a look and feel. I also love his unique pairing of images in collages. Some of my favorites: 

Check out Luca's portfolio, and give him a follow on Instagram!


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