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Featured Photographer Series 007 - Suzanne Saroff

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

I'm back! I've taken a much needed break from social media while starting a new job (more details on that soon!) and I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things with another installment of my Featured Photographer series.

August's featured photographer is

Suzanne Saroff


Suzanne is an artist from NYC specializing in her own particular brand of still life photography. Her focus is mostly on the visual relationship between her subjects and glassware. What draws me to Suzanne's work is that she has managed to find such a niche of her own, but the work she produces within these parameters is varied and has so much depth. It's amazing to see how far she can expand upon a seemingly simple idea, yet each time it's a fresh new take with a familiar feel. You could pick any one of her images out of a crowd - they all work together but are incredible standalone pieces of art. 

Suzanne's work has inspired much of the new minimal aesthetic you're seeing on Instagram with her color palettes and strong but purposeful use of shadow. I can really appreciate the time spent and attention to detail she devotes to each image. I'm frequently inspired by Suzanne to think outside the box when it comes to still life photography and try to create something new - but also to remember to keep things simple. 

It's amazing what Suzanne can create! Check out more of her work: 


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