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Featured Photographer Series 005 - Derrick Lin

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

It's time for another Featured Photographer! Okay, I'll admit it - I've been slacking on this series. I've just been so busy lately on shoots that I haven't had as much time for the blog - too many photos to edit over here. So, I'm cutting back on the series and making it bi-monthly. Ideally I'll be filling that gap with more exciting content; I have a lot of ideas on great ways to share more of my work with you. Anyway, this time around my pick for featured photographer is a little bit different. I would even say that he doesn't necessarily define himself as a photographer. Nevertheless I am inspired by his whimsical and original work, and I wanted to have a little fun with this one, so here he is! 

Derrick Lin


Derrick's work is so stinking creative and I am constantly amazed at each new photo he conjures up. Though he shoots purely with an iPhone, the quality and originality of the work speaks for itself. The small scenes he creates are expertly captured and leave the viewer feeling like the subjects are real. I find myself almost playing "I Spy" (if you remember the books growing up you get points) and deconstructing the pieces that make each photo. I also can't forget to mention how happy the color palettes make me. There is a little humor injected into the photos that really adds to the overall experience when viewing Derrick's work. Every time I'm surprised and delighted by how simple and clever his shots are! Here are a few of my favorites: 

Derrick also has a book out featuring his work - check it out here on Amazon! 

You should follow him on Instagram, @marsder. I highly recommend scrolling through Derrick's feed. It's so fun and you're lying if you say you didn't get hooked. 


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