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Featured Photographer Series 004 - Ally Schmaling

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

It's that time again - and what better time to feature such an awesome lady than Galentine's Day! February's Featured Photographer is:

Ally Schmaling


Ally Schmaling and I met at the most recent Let's Shoot Boston event, held at deWolfe Leather Goods on Newbury St in Boston, and I'm so glad we crossed paths. Ally is pure positive energy and is one of the most enthusiastic photographers I've had the pleasure of being in the vicinity of. Her work is also fire. 

Ally's use of color is fantastic; each photo feels timeless and powerful. She is especially skilled in photographing women in their best and brightest light. Ally has a thoughtful approach to her subject matter and a spatial awareness in her photography that is just magical. Her intimate wedding and portrait work has a calmer aesthetic, but is equally as mesmerizing. Ally beautifully captures her subject's personality and character in each frame. 

Ally's work seems to get progressively more outstanding each time she posts an update - she is truly a force to be reckoned with in photography. Her portrait work is such an inspiration for me in my own work to not only be aware and purposeful with the subject, but also the background and the relationship between the two. 

If you haven't seen Ally's work, do that. Support her work.

Here's where you can find her:


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